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Major MISTAKES you should avoid at IQ OPTION

Be careful of these mistakes at IQ option

Fatal trading errors that will delete your IQ options account

Every trader has his own story, which almost or completely exhausts his trading account. But only a small part of these memories will make you look ridiculous. Brave businessman. When sending the email, the seller actually said, “I just deleted my IQ OPTION account.”

Subject: I just deleted my IQ OPTION account

The question many people ask is, “How can a salesperson lose so much money in such a short period of time? Of course, savvy buyers understand the reasons through the media. History is what I’m in Some fatal errors pointed out in this article. A serious mistake that can quickly crash your IQ Option account invests a significant loss of stability in your account in exchange for a bachelor’s degree.

This fatal error occurred in the following way:

You feel that the market is moving in a safe direction. Feel “confident” in making valuable changes. Therefore, you decide to invest most of your account in bachelor exchange, which puts you at great risk. The change is failing, and you have lost too much money on the bill. This is what the dealer does. The first change to be more than 1/4 of your account is initially stable. Use a large portion of your account for bachelor exchanges. If you do the same thing over and over again, your trading account will be completely destroyed. Look at the second-tier dealers. One-third of the stability is owed in the checkout account. If the second transaction no longer ends in neutral (the exchange rate becomes the same as when you entered the transaction, causing IQ Option to return $1000), you will lose one-third of the stability of closing your account. This error is due to greed. You need to make a lot of money immediately. The easiest way to avoid this situation is to develop a reasonable cash control strategy.

Most buyers no longer face an account stability risk of more than 2% when changing a bachelor’s degree. Look for the spirit of buying and selling the Holy Grail. Customers who delete their account balance will change their use of the offer. For them, sacrifice is the holy grail of business. Most of these offers come from different buyers, but with bachelor’s bias-many are too late to make a profit. As the holy grail of buying and selling. Many successful buyers will agree with this. Successful trading is actually about minimizing losses and increasing the number of dominant transactions. It’s all about emotional control, correct control of cash, and understanding (or now I don’t remember) that successful buyers will also suffer losses. However, they were not enough to erase all the money owed incredibly. Fear is an emotion that drives buyers to look for enthusiastic offers. Even if they have enough statistics to enter the market. However, they fear that they may be wrong. Therefore, they can get enthusiastic advice from Guru. When they finally enter a position, the market may fall back. Unfortunately, the seller has nothing to lose. Your own money. Therefore, you can fulfill this responsibility by formulating and following your own buying and selling plan.

Trading with fashion is another fatal mistake that attempts to delete your IQ Option account

The trend just shows the direction of the course. Then why give up? Take a look at the following example:

• Fashion will only grow

Basically, you should register higher changes. But pay attention to the trend line that shows an upward trend. The trader must have traded higher because the bet hit him. The expectation that the market will oppose certain buyers will actually oppose fashion, as in this case. The last 3 consecutive transactions have lost the stability of your account. Trading against the hype will destroy your IQ Option account forever.

• Two specific transactions at the same price

The error looks like this: You placed a name or placed it at a specific price. However, this change is not good for you and you will also lose your investment. You think the market is wrong, and you keep showing it by making this particular change. result? The same number of second fouls. This change is driven by anger. Always remember that the market does not care about your emotional orientation. What he did was to give everyone an equal opportunity to make money.

Act in a short time

One of the interesting things about buying and selling alternatives on the IQ Option platform is the shorter time frame. This is an opportunity to make money quickly. But there is a downside; you have less time to make rational assumptions before directly entering the buying and selling positions. This does not mean that 602 transactions will not give you cash. In fact, they provide higher returns than long-term returns. If you cannot make rational assumptions before changing your access rights, there is an unreasonable risk that you may allow to feel. This in turn increases the chances of obtaining various types of cash in a short period of time. Remember the snapshot of the trading account? He lost $4,000 in 5 1-minute transactions. I want you to know the fatal mistakes you made and how you recovered in the comments section below. We encourage you to continue to buy and sell using the free account you can open here.


Thank you for reading till the end. Let us know about your queries in the comment section below!



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