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Trade scaling and Strike price- Olymp trade

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Trading scaling and starting price are features of the Olymp Trade platform that you may overlook. We have discussed the Olymp Trade platform user interface many times. Let us get back to the prominent features again to understand the concept in a brief. If your transaction is based on a fixed-time transaction, both of these conditions apply.

The execution price of Olymp Trade

The whole idea of ​​fixed-term trading is based on predicting whether the price will rise or fall within a period of time, called the duration on the platform. The rate bounce relative to the reference rate, that’s typically the rate of the asset while the location is opened. This rate is of path the strike rate. If the rate falls, we assume the rate to be decrease than the strike rate after a length of time, wherein case a top rate may be paid, for example, 82% of the transaction funding amount. The state of affairs in bull marketplace buying and selling is simply the opposite. Here, we expect that the rate will upward thrust overtime If the price at the end of the transaction is higher than the exercise price, the exercise price is not necessarily the market price when the position is opened; we can choose a slightly higher or lower premium based on the amount. If you don’t see the option to select the strike price on the chart, you may need to make some changes to your platform settings. The easiest way is to enter the settings. Select the Chart tab. Make sure to check the “Withdrawal Bonus” checkbox.

The additional strike price in Olymp Trade

If the strike price is only the current market price, the premium for up and down trades is usually the price; however, you can select a different strike price on the chart for your open position The position gets a higher premium. Compared to the current price of the asset, you will get a higher premium in upward trading. This provides a higher premium for your downstream business. On the contrary, if you exercise at a price lower than the market price, you may get a higher premium from downstream transactions. Get a higher sales discount premium personally, I would like the author of the platform to develop this feature so that you can choose the multiplier. If your money management is based on the martingale, this feature will be very useful.


I hope that this article will help you improve the efficiency of fixed transactions. If you have any interesting experience in setting execution prices and using transaction scaling, please share with us in the comments section below. Finally, as always, we wish you every success in your work!


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