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Here’s why HDFC Bank is a buy despite the US banking crisis


The US banking sector has been facing a crisis in recent years, with challenges such as low interest rates, economic uncertainty, and regulatory changes weighing down on the industry. However, despite these challenges, HDFC Bank, one of the largest private sector banks in India, could be a good investment option for investors. In this article, we will explore the reasons why HDFC Bank is a buy despite the US banking crisis.

Introduction: HDFC Bank in the current economic climate

HDFC Bank has been performing well in recent years, despite the challenges facing the banking sector as a whole. With a strong presence in the Indian market and a focus on retail banking, HDFC Bank has been able to weather the storm and continue to grow. Additionally, with the Indian economy showing signs of growth and stability, HDFC Bank is well-positioned to benefit from this positive environment.

Reasons why HDFC Bank is a buy

There are several reasons why investors should consider buying shares in HDFC Bank, including:

1. Strong financial performance

HDFC Bank has a strong track record of financial performance, with consistent revenue growth and profitability over the years. The bank has a well-diversified loan portfolio, with a focus on retail lending, which has helped to mitigate risks and maintain stability.

2. Robust asset quality

HDFC Bank has a strong asset quality, with low levels of non-performing assets (NPAs) and a healthy provision coverage ratio. The bank’s strict credit underwriting standards and risk management practices have helped to maintain this asset quality over the years.

3. Focused on digital transformation

HDFC Bank has been focused on digital transformation in recent years, investing in technology and innovation to enhance its customer experience and streamline its operations. This has helped the bank to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market and attract new customers.

4. Well-positioned in the Indian market

HDFC Bank is well-positioned in the Indian market, with a strong brand and a wide network of branches and ATMs across the country. The bank has a significant market share in retail banking, which is expected to continue to grow as the Indian economy expands.


Due to the US banking crisis, Nifty decreased below last week’s low, capping another week of negative trading on the Indian equity market. At the 21 exponential moving average, where it found support, the benchmark Nifty reached a low of 16,850. The index found support on the daily chart around levels of historical congestion, which resulted in a rebound on the last day of the week.

On the daily chart, a recovery candle after a Doji pattern suggests the probability of a bullish reversal. At 17,250, which is at the higher end, there is an immediate resistance level where the bears may try to reenter the market. But if the bulls are successful in pushing the Nifty over 17,250, the index may rise to 17,500–17,600. Support is still in place at 16,950 on the downside.

Bank On the final day of the week, the Nifty bulls made a powerful recovery as the index quickly recovered from its low point in the morning. The index’s overall trend is still downward, but given that it is currently trading in an oversold area, a pullback rally from the current levels cannot be discounted. At the lower end of the index, support is located at 39,000, while 40,000 serves as immediate upside resistance. Over which the index can soar to the level of 41,000.

On the daily chart, the Financial Services Index went upward after forming a Doji, signaling a rise in optimism for the sector. In the daily chart, the momentum indicator is approaching a bullish crossover. The index found support on the daily chart from earlier congestion. The index may move in the near future toward 18300/18500. Support is positioned at 17500 on the lower side.

Here are 2 stock-specific opportunities in the current market:

buy persistent 4,645, Target: 5,000, Stop Loss: 4,500

On the daily chart, the stock has shown a breakout from consolidation, which denotes a change in the price trend. In the daily chart, the price has also risen above the 50DMA. The RSI, a measure of daily momentum, is in a bullish crossover. The stock encounters resistance near 5000 on the upswing. At 4500, there is support on the bottom side.

Purchase HDFC bank But 1,573, Goal: 1,650/1,700, Stop Loss: 1,530

On the weekly chart, HDFC Bank has established support close to the rising trendline, and a Morning Star pattern has developed on the daily chart. If Bank Nifty continues to hold above 39,000 levels, the stock may have a pullback rebound after recovering from the 1530 support zone. At 1650, there is immediate resistance. If this level is crossed, the surge may continue toward 1700.

Conclusion: Why HDFC Bank is a buy despite the US banking crisis

Despite the challenges facing the banking sector in the US and globally, HDFC Bank is a good investment option for investors. The bank’s strong financial performance, robust asset quality, focus on digital transformation, and strong position in the Indian market make it an attractive option for long-term investors. However, investors should be aware of the risks involved in investing in any stock and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

The author Rupak Dey is Senior Technical Analyst at LKP Securities

Disclaimer: The views and recommendations given above are of individual analysts or broking companies.

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