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 IT Giant HCL Tech Announces Record Date for Interim Dividend for FY 2023-24


HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services company, has set the record date for its interim dividend for the financial year 2023-24. This announcement comes as a welcome move for shareholders, showcasing HCL Tech’s commitment to delivering consistent returns amidst a strong growth trajectory. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of the interim dividend, the company’s performance, and the implications for investors.

Record Date for Interim Dividend

HCL Tech’s board of directors has declared an interim dividend for the financial year 2023-24 and has set the record date as [Date]. Shareholders who own HCL Tech shares on or before the record date will be eligible to receive the interim dividend payout. The amount of the interim dividend will be announced separately and will be paid to the shareholders in due course.

Strong Financial Performance

The announcement of the interim dividend comes on the heels of HCL Tech’s robust financial performance. The company has displayed a consistent growth trajectory over the years, driven by its innovative product portfolio, strategic investments, and expansion into new markets. HCL Tech’s expertise in digital transformation, cloud services, and artificial intelligence has positioned it as a key player in the global IT services landscape.

The company’s strong financial position has enabled it to reward its shareholders with regular dividends, reflecting its commitment to enhancing shareholder value.

Implications for Investors

The interim dividend announcement is a positive development for HCL Tech shareholders, as it signals the company’s ability to generate consistent returns while maintaining a strong growth trajectory. Investors who are interested in HCL Tech shares should consider purchasing them before the record date to be eligible for the interim dividend payout.

Moreover, the IT giant’s strong performance and future growth prospects make it an attractive investment option for those looking to capitalize on the thriving IT services industry.

Future Outlook

HCL Tech’s management remains optimistic about the company’s future prospects, focusing on expanding its global footprint, exploring new markets, and investing in R&D to stay ahead of the competition. The company is also committed to making strategic acquisitions and partnerships to strengthen its position in the IT services space.

As HCL Tech continues on its growth path, investors should closely monitor the company’s financial performance, industry trends, and global economic factors that may impact its growth.

HCL Technologies, a major player in the IT industry, saw a rise on Friday when the board issued an interim dividend record date for the fiscal year 2023–2024. At Friday’s closing, the company, a large-cap company, had a market worth of 300,796 crore. HCL Tech announces the record date for the interim dividend for the fiscal year 2023–24 and the April 19–20, 2023, board meeting will be conducted to discuss the financial performance for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023. It will likely be

In a stock exchange filing, HCL Technologies stated that “We would like to let you know that the Company’s Board of Directors will meet on April 19 and 20, 2023, to discuss a variety of topics, including the following: 1) The Company’s audited financial results for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2023. Issues pertaining to Financial Results and Payment of Interim Dividend to be addressed by the Board on April 20, 2023. Payment of Interim Dividend for the Financial Year 2023–24. The record date for determining the shareholders’ eligibility for payment of the aforementioned interim dividend shall be April 28, 2023, subject to the following requirements: Board of Directors approval of the interim dividend.”

For the fiscal year that ends in March 2022, HCL Technologies pays an equity dividend of 2100.00% on face value 2, or 42 per share. With the current share price of 1,111.90, the dividend yield is 3.77%. According to Trendline statistics, HCL Technologies Limited has issued 84 dividends since September 25, 2000, and over the past 12 months, the company has declared an equity dividend of 48.00 per share. At the current share price of 1,111.90, this yields a dividend yield of 4.31%.

HCL Technologies, a pioneer in IT services, announced a 19% increase in consolidated net profit for the December quarter (Q3FY 2023). compared to 3,442 crores (4,096 crores) in the equivalent quarter (Q3FY22) of the prior year. When compared to the Rs. 22,331 crore reported during Q3FY22, the company’s revenue from operations increased by 19.5% to Rs. 26,700 crore during Q3FY23.

On Friday, HCL Technologies stock ended trading on the NSE at 1,111.9 per share, up 3.68% from the previous close. 1,072.40. Compared to the 20-day average volume of 32,68,889 shares, the stock had a total volume of 53,50,523 shares. The stock has decreased 4.81% during the past year and increased 6.97% YTD in 2023. A 52-week high for the stock has been reached. 1,215.00 (17-Mar-2022) and 877.35 at the 52-week low (15-Jul-2022). The company reported promoter ownership of 60.72%, FII ownership of 18.29%, DII ownership of 15.85%, government ownership of 0.02%, public ownership of 4.89%, and other ownership of 0.23% during Q3FY23.

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