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Now open a trade function routinely with the pending order

Open a trade position using pending orders

What is the way to open a trade position routinely with the pending order?

Latest pending order request

There is a possibility at Olymp Trade to open a position robotically. It can be used at the same time as you trade with the guide/resistance levels. It isn’t uncommon for the preceding manual diploma to emerge as new resistance and vice versa. And at the same time as you assume any such contrary withinside the prices, you can set a pending order.\

Forget about spending prolonged hours at the laptop desk

Now, allow me to assist you to recognise the manner to do it.
The broken manual diploma can act as a resistance withinside the future
On the right element of the Olymp Trade interface, you may see the “Order” button. After you click on on it, an ultra-modern window will pop up. The first choice is to set an order depending on the asset price. You can use the default settings or exchange them consistent with your needs. So you can enter manually the price and the payout price at which you would like a character to open. Then you positioned the duration and the amount you chose to invest. In the end, you make a decision about the direction of your automated position and click on the “Down” or “Up” button.
How to set a pending order for a down trade
When the trade characteristic is ordered, the dots may be visible on your platform. The shade is based upon the direction of the location. They suggest the price diploma at which the automatic order may be launched.

How to Cancel the remaining order at Olymp Trade

It is possible to close the location in advance than the expiration
It is alas now not possible to trade the parameters of the previously set pending order. However, if you count on your choice about the future characteristic turns out to be wrong, you can cancel your automated order. To do that, you definitely need to click on the pending characteristic on the chart. You will see then the possibility to sell the location and the price for it. Click every time the price is suitable for you.
The order is executed, now we have got were given an open exchange
It is also well to mention that there can be moreover a guide for using pending orders for foreign exchange trading.
Price reacted with the resistance diploma enough to have a take benefit of our trade
This is quite a super way to trade at the same time as you do now not have loads time to sit down nevertheless at the computer. And remember, you can order more than one characteristic to open automatically and they do now not constantly ought to be withinside the equal direction. Check it out on your Olymp Trade demo account.

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Good luck!


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