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Tips to restrict your losses by selling trades

Dear traders, sometimes it is not worth taking the steps. The consequences you face are the reality of the trading world. After analyzing the chart, the positions you see may force you to regret your decision. But that doesn’t mean you should quit instead push yourself to work on it with more dedication.

Accordingly keeping in mind such a scenario, OLYMP TRADE has come up with an astounding feature that offers you the maximum possibility of Selling a trade order immediately, right after any unfortunate result. You can go for all kinds i.e currency pairs, cryptocurrency, or even financial derivatives, especially for such cases. Now freeze your profit or loss without waiting for it to expire.

Know how to sell an order

The following two steps are the most convenient way to sell order.

Firstly, you can stick to the offer popping on the chart which displays the selling prices. The moment it meets your expectation level, click on a button with the price.

Secondly, hit on the “Sell now” option hanging on the right side of the platform where your trades and orders are showed.

The right time for selling a trade order

Predicting the perfect timing to sell trade is always been a tough task for all traders. Mostly it is seen that when all factors support when you step into the trading platform, you feel like selling a financial derivative which leads to face losses in the end.

However, you can use the technique to uplift the possibility to sell trade if you figure out at any point that the market is heading oppositely and you might be facing heavy loss.

You have to build your mind in a rational way when trading. Try not to fall for the appealing responses of the market quickly. One wrong step of selling trade can lead to a huge loss. Sometimes the best move you can put forward is to take some time before deciding on selling your order.

To reduce the chance of losses try to trade before the validity strikes. Trading before expiration offers you to freeze your loss.

More to know

The option for selling will disappear when less than 1/6 of the expiration time is left. Once it gets expired the only option for you to wait for the next opportunity.

Often it is seen that traders had to sell profitable trade for almost nothing before the expiry hits thus before less than 1/6 of expiration time.


There is a golden opportunity for you to practice and learn trading without the risk of losing real money using a demo account absolutely for free. Additionally, you can learn how selling a financial derivative trade works.

Thank you for reading till the end. Let us know about your queries in the comment section.


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