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How to Sign Up and Deposit Money at Quotex Platform ?

How to Sign up by Email

1. Enter to visit Quotex official website. Click on [Create Account] in the upper right corner page and the page with sign-up form will appear.

2. To sign-up you need to perform the following steps and click on the button “Sign up”.

  1. Enter a valid email address and create a strong password
  2. Choose a currency to deposit and withdraw funds in.
  3. Read and agree “Service Agreement” and click on the check box
  4. Click on the button “Sign up”.

Please be sure that you fill all data correctly. You have to fill only your real E-mail. In case if you fill incorrect information you may have some troubles with account verification. Quotex is serious finance service and we recommend be honest with them.

In case if you think that you fill incorrect personal data please edit it in your Quotex profile or contact to Quotex support online in the chat or by email.

Also Quotex offer registration by Gmail, Facebook, VK account. It also one of the way for opening account on the Quotex. To open account with your Facebook, Gmail, VK account you just need click one of the button.

Quotex registration is very simple and don’t take a lot of time. Now you don’t need any registration to open demo account$10,000 in Demo account allow you practice as much as you need for free.

We recommend use demo trading for practice before making real deposit. Please remember more practice more chance to make real money with Click “Trading on a demo account” button to trade with Demo account.

A demo account is a tool for you to get familiar with the platform, practice your trading skills on different assets, and try out new mechanics on a real-time chart without risks.

You can also trade on a real account after depositing. Click “Top up with 100 $” green button to deposit and trade with real account.

Frequently Asked Quentions (FAQ)

Is the download of the program to a computer or smartphone required?

No, its not required. You just need to register on the Companys website in the presented form and open a individual account.

In what currency is the Clients account opened? Can I change the currency of the Clients account?

By default, a trading account is opened in US dollars. But for your convenience, you can open several accounts in different currencies.
A list of available currencies can be found on your profile page in your Clients account.

Is there a minimum amount that I can deposit to my account at registration?

The advantage of the Company’s trading platform is that you don’t have to deposit large amounts to your account. You can start trading by investing a small amount of money. The minimum deposit is 10 US dollars.

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