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How to trade with the Momentum indicator on Quotex

Trading decision-makers can use indicators to help them decide when to begin and close positions. They come in a variety of forms. The momentum indicator, made famous by trader Martin Pring, is the subject of this article.

What is the Momentum indicator?

By dividing the current price by the closing price at the beginning of the settlement period, the momentum indicator calculates the current price. It is included in the Quotex offer and is a member of the group of momentum indicators.

How to set the Momentum indicator on the Quotex chart

Log in to your Quotex account first. Locate and select the icon for chart analysis. Three tabs will be shown in the chart analysis window when it loads. Indicators are present in the first. The group of momentum indicators must be chosen. Momentum will then appear on the list that will appear on the right side, which you can observe.

The window containing the indicators settings will then appear. The Momentum line’s color and width can be changed. Depending on the timing and approach you are utilizing, you can also alter the duration. Although changing the source is an option for more sophisticated traders, I advise leaving it as is. The value by which the indicator is plotted is defined by it.

A second window will show the Momentum below your price chart. It takes the shape of a line that swings back and forth between the approved value of the initial closing price in the time period denoted by the 0 line.

How to trade with the Momentum on Quotex

The difference between the original closing price and the current one is typically displayed by the momentum indicator. The indicator will cross below the 0 line if the price falls in proportion to the closing price from the n-period back. The indicator will increase together with a rising price.

Analyze the overall market situation before opening a trading position. To forecast price changes, keep up with the news. Choose a time frame and set it. To achieve the best results, combine two momentum indicators with different period lengths. The first one should be utilized as a signal line, and the second one as confirmation of the current trend (period 20). (period 3).

Go long with the Momentum

With the aid of two momentum indicators, you should evaluate the general direction of price movement before initiating a long position. See if the price is increasing by looking at the chart. See the Momentum with a period value of 20 after that. You will know the uptrend is real if it crosses over the center line. Catching the second Momentum with period 3 as it crosses the 0 line from bottom to top and continues to rise is the final step.

Potential long positions with two Momentum indicators

Go short with the Momentum

You need to identify the downtrend on the price chart in order to open a short trade. Verify the initial momentum (20). There is unquestionably a decline in the market if it is moving below the 0 line. As it starts to descend, watch for the second Momentum to reach the 0 line. These are the advantages for opening a short trade.

Potential short positions with two Momentum indicators

Final words

Many trading techniques frequently make use of the momentum indicator. It does not lag and is pretty easy to use. You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that neither a method nor an indicator can ensure success. You can combine the Momentum with another indicator, such as the Bollinger Bands, to increase your odds of winning. Take a look at the example chart below.

Momentum indicator combined with the Bollinger bands

The Quotex platform offers a free demo account, which is wonderful news. There is no time limit on how long you can use it, and it comes with virtual money. You can test out new indicators, various time frames, and combinations here.

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Q: What is the Momentum indicator in trading?

A: The Momentum indicator is a technical analysis tool that measures the rate of change of an asset or security’s price over a specific time period. It helps traders identify potential trend reversals and momentum shifts in the market.

Q: How can I use the Momentum indicator on Quotex?

A: By analyzing the Momentum indicator on a Quotex chart, you can potentially identify changes in the strength or direction of the current trend. You can use the indicator to spot divergences between the indicator and price, as well as overbought or oversold conditions.

Q: How do I use the Momentum indicator on Quotex?

A: To use the Momentum indicator on Quotex, you can add it to your chart and adjust the settings as needed. Typically, the indicator uses a default time period of 14, but you can adjust this to suit your trading strategy. You can also use other technical analysis tools to confirm signals from the Momentum indicator.

Q: Is the Momentum indicator a reliable trading tool?

A: The Momentum indicator can be a useful tool, but it is not always reliable. It’s important to combine Momentum analysis with other technical analysis tools and market indicators to get a more complete picture of the market.

Q: Can I use the Momentum indicator for any asset or security on Quotex?

A: Yes, the Momentum indicator can be used for any asset or security on Quotex, including forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different assets may have different Momentum dynamics, so it’s important to adapt your analysis accordingly.

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