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How to verify account in Kotex

You must first create a trading account in order to profit from digital options. To do this, you must register on the business website.

The registration procedure is straightforward and quick.

On the suggested form, a questionnaire must be completed. You must input the information listed below:

Name (in English) (in English)
Inbox address (current, work, indicate address)
Dial a phone number (with a code, like + 44123….)
A password you’ll use going forward to log into the system (to limit the danger of unwanted access to your personal account, we advise creating a difficult password using lowercase, uppercase, and digits). Password (Do not reveal to outside parties)


After completing the sign-up form, you will be presented with a number of options for funding your trading account.

How to verify Kotex account?

Verification in digital options is done by the Client confirming his personal information by giving the Company extra documentation. The client’s verification criteria are kept as straightforward as feasible, and there isn’t a long list of required paperwork. For instance, a business may enquire:

provide a colour scan of the customer’s passport’s first page (passport page with photo)
Selfies are used to identify people.
Verify the customer’s registration address (home, etc.)


If it is impossible to fully identify the Client and the information he entered, the Company may ask for any papers.

1: Access Account.

How to verify account in Kotex
2. Complete the “Identity Information” form completely, then click “Change Identity Information.”
How to verify account in Kotex
3. Next, upload your identification for “Document Verification” in the form of a passport, driver’s licence, or local ID card.How to verify account in Kotex
4. At the bottom, you will notice “Waiting for Confirmation” after uploading your ID.
How to verify account in Kotex

5. After submitting electronic copies of the documents to the Company, the Client will have to wait some time for the verification of the provided data.

If it is authenticated, the status will appear below.

How to verify account in Kotex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to indicate other people’s (fake) data when registering on the website?

No. The Client self-registers on the website of the Company, gives accurate and comprehensive information about himself in response to the questions posed therein, and keeps this information up to date.

The Company may ask for papers or invite the Client to its office if it is essential to conduct various types of identification verification of the Client.

Your personal profile may be disabled if the information given in the registration fields does not match the information in the submitted documents.

How to understand that I need to go through account verification?

You will be notified by email and/or SMS if it becomes required to complete the verification.

However, the Company only makes use of the contact information you provided in the registration form, specifically your phone number and email address. Hence, take care to give accurate and pertinent facts.

How long does the verification process take?

5 (five) working days maximum from the date the Company receives the requested papers.

If I made a mistake when entering data in my personal account, how can I correct it?

You must modify the profile and get in touch with the company’s technical support team.

How do I know that I have successfully passed the verification?

When the process of verifying your account has been completed and you are ready to start using the company’s trading platform, you will be notified through email and/or SMS.

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